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    Radio is often ruined by presenters talking nonsense, phone-ins, commercials, poor audio processing and too much music repetition. CruiseOne was setup to change this norm.

    Music variety is paramount. Expect the unexpected.

    Simple. No adverts. We are not in this to make money.

    Dedicated hardware means excellent network reliability.

    We want to sound our best. Audio quality is vital.



    Dedicated server provider. Based in London, UK.


    Orban Broadcast
    Our audio processing hardware provider.

    SAM Broadcaster

    SAM Broadcaster
    Our automation playout software.

    Zen Internet

    Zen Internet
    Our studio fibre line provider.

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    TuneIn Radio
    This service provides a simple way to listen on a desktop or on their app on your phone.


    A little dated now but a reliable service giving access to many internet stations.

    Direct Link

    Direct Link
    Use the domain cruiseoneradio.net with port 8000 using stream ID1 (256kbps) and stream ID2 (128kbps).

  • Music & Bands


    Since the synths of the 80's, electronic music has always been important to us. Bands include Purity Shrine, Ford Lopatin, Chvrches, James Blake, Kimbra, Air, M83, New Look and The Pet Shop Boys.

    Indie & Alternative

    Indie & Alternative
    Indie and Alternative music makes up about a quarter of our entire playlist. Bands include Kids In Glass Houses, The Shins, The Vaccines, Bon Iver, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Silversun Pickups, Arcade Fire, Panic At The Disco, Foster The People and Beach House.


    There are many types of rock music from soft rock from the 80's to current alternative rock. Bands include The Gaslight Anthem, Coldplay, Queen, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, Keane, Elbow, Def Leppard and Athlete.

    Top 40 & Current

    Top 40 & Current
    We believe it's important to always embrace and try new music. This may be from any genre but we will always have a good number of current chart songs on the playlist.

    Folk & Country Rock

    Folk & Country Rock
    Including bands such as The Decemberists or Band Of Horses and artists like Seth Lakeman, Isle Delange the country & folk feel is something we love so we've pulled this category out from Rock as it's becoming increasingly popular.


    Pop music overlaps so many genres and everything from the 70's to today on CruiseOne. Bands include The Script, Jessie J, Michael Jackson, Starship, A-Ha, Britney Spears, Phil Collins, Marco Borsato, Lady Gaga, Roxette and Avril Lavigne.

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    CruiseOne Radio
    BS8 2NQ

    Mail:info@cruiseoneradio.net Music:music@cruiseoneradio.net

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    CruiseOne is part of the CruiseNetwork which dates back to 1992. It all started as an FM station on 101.2 broadcasting across the Wirral in the UK. Classic FM launched that year (those old enough will remember the bird song playing on the FM band for months across the entire UK) which meant that we had to change frequency to 100.5. Broadcasting Wednesday and Sunday evening as well as whenever we felt like it during some evenings when there was nothing going on, it became a well known station.

    In 1994 other commitments saw FM transmissions become less regular with occasional high power tests from 'favourable' locations. The biggest of these was a 1kW test from Hope Mountain in North Wales. This successfully covered the entire North-West of England and down to the Midlands. Fun times!

    CruiseOne Online
    CruiseOne was a name chosen back in 1998 when it became clear that the future of radio would not be FM only. The first internet broadcast was actually in 1999 streaming a 32kbps RealMedia stream. Bandwidth just wasn't available then.

    These days we stream a continuous c.400kbps and could do that 50 times over on our current leased line. It's amazing how things have changed. Before beginning a full-time station, we spend months investigating the best options to get the best audio quality on an internet stream. We tested 4 broadcast processors as well as software alternatives. There is more information on our streams and audio setup here.

    Finally in September 2008 we began a full time 128kbps stream using Shoutcast. Since then we have focused our sound to create a 'CruiseOne' sound while remaining as diverse and openminded as possible. We currently have about 11,000 songs in the playlist and a strict head of music ensuring the sound stays fresh and new. We hope you like what you hear.

    Thanks to Will, Kate, Paul, Rachel, Alex and all those involved since 1992.

    Please get in touch if you would like any more information.


    CruiseOne Online

    Thanks to Will, Kate, Paul, Rachel, Alex and all those involved since 1992.

    Please get in touch if you would like any more information.



    Tech & Equipment
    As mentioned in our promise, reliability is key in running an internet radio station. Equipment needs to be well made, software well tested, networks solid and capacity has to be available. No-one wants to listen to a station that buffers every other minute.

    Network Connectivity
    We currently connect to the net via a dedicated 1gbps link. This allows us to support in excess of 1000 listeners at 256kbps. We have tested at maximum capacity without any network buffering issues.

    256kbps MP3 Stream
    We encode our MP3 stream using the LAME codec. The version we choose to use is 3.93 which, after comparing directly to the newest version of LAME sounds a lot better. You can download it here. As an MP3 stream, it is compatible with pretty much every player and system. You will need a connection of about 300kbps to stream this reliably.

    96kbps AAC+ Stream
    To facilitate the increased use of mobile devices, the 96kbps stream keeps data costs down but audio quality is still high. You will need a 3G or 4G network to listen.

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